Texas vs OU, State Fair Of Texas, 2005


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our first Halloween in our new house, I think we put a decoration on evey wall!

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Saturday September 24th 2005 Hurricane "RITA" slammed into the Texas and Louisiana Coast, between Beaumont TX and Lake Charles LA. Tyler got alot of rain and wind, here are some photos from that day.

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Thursday Feb 24th 2005 a gunman open fire on his ex-wife outside the Tyler Courthouse. After it was all over 3 people were dead. Here are some of the photos from that shooting, notice the bullet holes in the walls of the Courthouse.

Here is a newspaper article from the Tyler paper from that day:

Thursday Feb 24th 2005: A Tyler man embroiled in a bitter child support dispute opened fire Thursday on his ex-wife and son with a high-powered rifle, killing the woman and a bystander who attempted to intervene.

Several people, including three lawmen, were wounded in the exchange, which began about 1:25 p.m. outside the Smith County Courthouse.

Police ultimately shot and killed David Hernandez Arroyo Sr. after he fired repeatedly at officers during a two-mile chase that ended off U.S. Highway 271.

The 43-year-old suspect, who was wearing multiple layers of body armor, died in a hail of police gunfire after authorities rammed his pickup and he emerged, gun raised and firing.

The scene around the normally quiet courthouse turned into chaos as people dove for cover to escape the gunman. Office workers scrambled to lock doors and crawl to safety.

Here are the photos where the shooting took place


This is the fromt wall of the Courthouse. The white dots are bullet holes.


Out front of the Courthouse, the front door windows have been shot out.


Out front where the shooting took place, the flowers were placed where the shooter's ex-wife was shot and killed.


This is one of the windows out front of the Courthouse, there were bullet holes all along the windows.


Another shot of the bullet holes along the wall, they look like white splats of paint.


Saturday March 12th 2005 we took a trip to the Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari. It is located about 15 miles east of Jacksonville. Here are our photos:









Sprint  volunteered on April 30th  to attend the American Cancer Society-Relay For Life.  Teams walked over 20 miles around the track at the local high school in celebration of Survivors of Cancer.  The Sprint Team, “Sprinters-Sprinting For A Cure”, sold fruit cups at the Sprint booth.  The team raised over $750 for the American Cancer Society. 

Team Members were:  Yesenia Alvarez (team captain), Tammy Smith, Craig Smith, Amanda Symank, LuAnn Massey, Jan Jones, Tonya Walker and Debby Di Cecca.  Members also brought family members along to help celebrate.