This page contains photos of different Christmas's.

Christmas 2005.jpg

Christmas 2005 and Brenda's house in Athens.

Christmas 2005 1.jpg

Christmas 2005 2.jpg

Ericka loving the Nintendo Dogz game!

Christmas 2005 3.jpg

Look what Santa left for Ericka, Christmas 2005.

Christmas 2005 4.jpg

Santa also left this pink scooter for Ericka, Christmas 2005.

Christmas 2005 5.jpg

Ready to take it for a spin for the first time.

Christmas 2005 6.jpg

Here are some Christmas 2005 photos of our new home in Tyler

2005 christmas 2.jpg

2005 christmas 3.jpg

2005 christmas 5.jpg

2005 christmas 6.jpg

2005 christmas 7.jpg

2005 christmas 8.jpg

2005 christmas 9.jpg

2005 christmas 11.jpg

2005 christmas 12.jpg

 2005 christmas.jpg

2005 christmas 4.jpg

These photos below were taken Christmas 2003.


Christmas 2003 at our house. Notice the names on the snowmen. Craig, Tammy, Ericka & Loco:)


Our living room, Christmas 2003.


Above our fireplace, Christmas 2003.


Ericka before her last day of school for Christmas break. (She still looks a little sleepy) Dec 2003.


Ericka with her Second grade teacher, Mrs. Goodson. Ericka had just given Mrs. Goodson  her Christmas present. Dec 2003.


Ericka eating at her desk at her Second grade Christmas party at South Athens School. Dec 2003.


Ericka at Max & Joyce's house. Dec 2003.


Another pic at Max & Joyce's house. Dec. 2003.


Christmas 2003 at Max & Joyce's house.


Gifts that Santa Clause left. Dec 2003.


Ericka on her new bike that santa brought her. Dec. 2003


Ericka playing with her new gameboy sp that santa brought her. Dec 2003


Santa brought our bird Gabby some new play toys, only Loco thought they were his. Dec. 2003


Treats for santa. Ericka made this just for him! Dec 2003